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    Weygant Enterprises Limited is a company set up and registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus to pursue activities in various domains. The company’s most accomplished sector of operations and its best known asset is the Ukrainian entity OMEGA – the originator of the national supermarket chain VARUS focusing on the retail of food and non-food products.

    VARUS is a chain of Ukrainian supermarkets constituting one of the largest FMCG networks in terms of trade turnover according to the Ukrainian Retail Association.

    The first supermarket was opened in 2003 in Dnipro city. Today the chain operates 73 stores in 13 Ukrainian cities, with total shopping space 77,561 m2.

    VARUS was named No.1 Consumer Choice by Retail Awards in Dnipro for five years in a row (2014-2018).

    The chain’s range covers over 30,000 food items and associated goods, and VARUS supermarkets are attended by more than 260,000 customers daily.

    The chain has launched its own loyalty program, VARUS PЁRFECT, and offers a variety of products under its private labels: VARTO, Vygoda (“Вигода”), Chysta Vygoda (“Чиста ВигоДа”) and Domashniy Koshyk (“Домашній кошик”).